Use Technology to Curb Trafficking

In today’s world, technology is power, which can be harnessed for good as well as illegal activities. Present day trafficking is technologically advanced, and hence it calls for weapons that are powered by tech to combat it. Internet, social media platforms and digital payment modes are extensively used by traffickers and pimps to carry out their heinous practices. Hence, law enforcement bodies need to tap into the footprints left behind ‘’online’’ to crack down traffickers. Some of these online-footprints include money and transportation trails, which can be accessed through the data archives of different networks. The Big data overhaul can be positively utilized to counteract predatory networks. It helps leverage data from multiple sources, like deep web, Google search trends, social media accounts, etc. to identify trafficking circuits. Tech firms, legal bodies and government need to work collaboratively to curb the secretive activities of this industry.

In this regard, some popular data solutions are Apne App and the analytics platform by My Choices Foundation. Apne app has been developed by a group of women from Mumbai’s red light areas to help prevent inter-generational prostitution. The analytics platform developed by My Choices Foundation employs Cisco UCS, Nexus infrastructure and MapR Converged Data platform, to help combat the most pressing global problem- human trafficking. Operational Red alert is a prevention program that utilizes the power of big data. It spreads awareness among parents, children and village panchayats so that they understand how traffickers operate and can resist their efforts to trap the vulnerable.

The government of India addressing the gravity of the problem has launched an Anti-human Trafficking bill in 2016, which mentions forming highly functional anti-trafficking committees, allocating the necessary funds and harnessing the power of data.

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