#EndDemand with Missing: Game For a Cause

Missing: Game For a Cause is apt to spread awareness about the perils of sex trafficking. During the game-play, the players fit into the shoes of a trafficked victim and feel the state of helplessness, frustration and despair the vulnerable girls go through. They play the role of the victim, make choices and assess the underlying risks they counter on their way to liberation.

The world of prostitution is cruel. Each year, millions of girls are sucked into this black hole, leaving no room for escape. Missing Game is a subtle concoction of puzzle, adventure and RPG. Being responsive in nature, the game is released on multiple platforms, namely IOS, Android and PC. The main objective of the game is to raise awareness among the public, along with providing signification information about the not-much-talked-about trafficking world.

Before getting started, Satyajit Chakroborty, an ace game developer travelled extensively with Leena Kejriwal, the heart and brain of Missing Public Art Project to numerous red light areas across Kolkata and neighboring towns and villages. The reason behind this was to understand in depth the actual issue right from the grass-root level. In the way, they interacted with the survivors, heard the grueling story of their plight and devised tactics they need to resort to engage customers.

The Number Game Going Strong

Released in October, 2016, the game has witnessed 485,000 organic downloads, over 4000 reviews and is played in over 70 countries. It bagged the honorable ‘Indie Game of the Year’ at NASSCOM Gaming Forum Award 2016 and is the Indian nominee for Berlin Casual connect.

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